Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is My...Christmas Tea Party!

After an unbearably long hiatus...I'm back in the blogosphere.

Although I am not going to divulge any uncomfortably personal details, I will say this--I'm ready to write again. And just in time for my Christmas tea party!

I'm unsure how many people will be attending because 1) I sent out the invitations this past Saturday and 2) I've set the date for December 2oth, the Saturday before Christmas. But I do have something in my favor--it's a breakfast tea party.

So, my guests are selecting a type of breakfast dish (egg dish, muffins, fruit, and so forth) while I provide the festive atmosphere, refreshing drinks (which will include tea, coffee, and juices) and...well, a surprise.

Over the next few posts, I will be giving some of my ideas for great breakfast dishes for any winter gathering--so come back soon!

As for my tea party surprise? No more hints. It wouldn't be in the Christmas spirit to give away too much, would it? bjh

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BECKY said...

Hope your Tea Party is a success, and welcome back to the blogosphere! I'm a new blogger (about a month) and am having a blast! Found you on Gracious Hospitali-tea. Beautiful teapot!
Sweet blessings,