Sunday, April 20, 2008

Much Ado About…Teapots!

I always liked tea, but until this past winter, I had never brewed or drank loose-leaf tea. When I decided to host a Christmas Tea at my house for the women in my Sunday School class in December, I decided to research tea parties and find out how to have a proper tea.

Well, tea and I have had a wonderful relationship ever since! It has now become my preferred hot beverage (although I haven't sworn off coffee completely).

So naturally, I have an interest in adding to my teapot collection. Right now I have two teapots.

This is my everyday one. It holds about 3 cups of tea (that's 18 ounces--three 6 ounce cups).

And this is the one I received as an engagement gift from my great-aunt Dot. As far as I know, she never used this for tea. But my great-great-great Irish grandmother did, because the Irish are fanatical about their tea. And I used it for my Christmas Tea party.

But that's it for my current collection.

So, I decided to do some "research" (i.e. wishful window shopping) at one of my favorite antique shops, Antiques on the Farmington in Collinsville. The building was originally belonged to the Collins Company, who were known for "1,300 types of edge tools, including axes, adzes, machetes, hatchets, picks, knives, swords and bayonets." The old factory now houses the merchandise of several local antiques vendors.

Here are some of the many I saw. I'm only posting a few today, saving the rest for another time. But there were so many that I ran out of room on my memory card before I could snap pictures of them all! If you're interested in any of them (except my favorites, of course) check out their website.

This is the very first teapot you see as you peruse the vendors' booths on the first floor.

These next two ...

are handpainted Japanese "teapots for two."

This teapot has a Chinese dragon motif. It's bold, but not gaudy. And with the four teacups, it's a "mere" $145.00!

A tiny but sweet teapot

to go with an equally sweet children's tea set!
SighI didn't have one of these when I was a kid.

An elegant teapot from Nippon...

and a reproduction Dorchester teapot.

Now, this is one of my favorites: an English primrose teapot and tea service. If anyone feels so inclined, they do have a website for orderingjust a thought if you're feeling generous.

Now we move upstairs

A Franciscan Rose teapotperfect for my mother-in-law, who has inherited her mother's Franciscan Rose pattern.

An elegant teapot with a pinks motifflowers so named because their petals look like they've been clipped by pinking shears.

A "geisha" teapotone that reminds me of my aunt, who lived in Hawaii for eight years and visited Japan several times.

And finally, my next teapot purchase (I hope)

A cute strawberry teapot for two and accompanying sugar bowl and creamer! Perfect with my vintage strawberry collectionwhich will be a future "Much Ado" post.

Did I mention they have a website? Did I mention that I love teapots? bjh

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