Saturday, April 19, 2008

Has Anyone Seen the Blue Jeans Hostess?

I'm still aroundI had some important business to take care of this week and needed to take a break from posting.

However, the break will soon be over and I have loads of things to write about! First, an overdue "Much Ado" post will be ready for tomorrow. After that, I will be taking some inspiration from some "mentors" of hospitality and putting my own twist on their fantabulous ideas! And overall, I hope to bring a "patchwork quilt" mix of topicssome educational, some fun, some inspiring, some reflective piecesall to help us enjoy this journey together.

And yes, I said fantabulous. It may not be a BJH original, but it fits.

See you soon! bjh

P.S. There's a new poll over to the right--please vote on your favorite comfort food!

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