Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why Hospitality?--Part 1

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I want to have a heart like God’s—to love like He does, to care for others like He cares for us. A few months ago, I started listening to archived Christian radio show broadcasts in hopes that I could find some guidance in how to personally grow into a woman after God’s own heart.

One show that has ministered to me consistently was “Revive our Hearts” hosted by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Her series on “The Heart of Hospitality” really got my attention. I’ll never forget when she stated, "God commands us to be hospitable.” (emphasis mine)

I'm commanded by God to be hospitable? I’m disobedient if I don’t practice hospitality?


As I continued to listen to the other nine reasons Nancy was giving for why we should practice hospitality, I began to pray. God, how can I do this? I’m overwhelmed with how this is going to change every part of my life.

Believe me, writing a blog about my journey towards becoming a woman of hospitality has nothing to do with publicizing my progress. I’m still overwhelmed with how much I still need to work on being hospitable.

But it has everything to do with obeying God’s command of hospitality and helping others do the same.

Does obeying God’s command to practice hospitality still seem overwhelming, maybe even impossible?

Don't worry--there's hope for the unqualified and overwhelmed. bjh

If you want to read or hear the radio series "The Heart of Hospitality" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, please click here to be directed to the an archived broadcasts page of “Revive our Hearts” and scroll down to the series, “The Heart of Hospitality.”

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