Monday, March 10, 2008

Celebrating with the Birthday Girls

Burning Birthday Candles, originally uploaded by khoitoanvn.

I LOVE birthday parties! The cake, the decorations, the presents—even when it’s not for me. I just love to celebrate anything, actually. How can you go wrong with food and friends?

Growing up, most of my birthdays were celebrated with family—more economical that way for two blue-collar parents putting their three children through private school. But that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the celebrations. Currently, depending on the “birthday person’s” desires, we still make time for a small or large family celebration, and I enjoy the entire process--shopping, planning, celebrating.

But now, as an adult, I have more options on how to celebrate my birthday. While I’m still planning to celebrate with my family, I’ve decided to have a party for myself and two other women I know who have birthdays this month. I’m planning it for the end of this month, provided the birthday girls’ schedules are open. Here are my initial ideas:

  1. Since all three of us were born within a few days of St. Patrick’s Day, we could have an Irish or green theme to the party. I’m not sure if this will include Celtic music, corned beef, and so forth, but whatever we do will be fun!
  2. Each of us will be able to invite one friend to join us for the party. That way I’ll stay within my budget and we can get to know each other better.
  3. Presents are optional--fun is not. It's really about making memories, not accumulating stuff.

Who do you share a birthday month with? Maybe it's time to celebrate together! bjh

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